Sharkoon ELITE SHARK Wrist Rest Black


Sharkoon ELITE SHARK Wrist Rest Black, Retail Box , 1 Year warranty
Product Overview:
For maximum relaxation when gaming and minimum tension of the wrists, the WR200 Wrist Rest is the ideal complement for your keyboard. This wrist rest of the ELITE SHARK series raises the position of the ball of the thumb to a height that is in line with the keyboard. This ergonomic position facilitates focused gaming and typing even after hours of keyboard use. The easy-to-clean surface made of synthetic leather and an inside made of memory foam provides suppleness and comfort. At the same time, the non-slip underside keeps the wrist rest firmly in its place even during hectic gaming sessions.
Comfort through Ergonomy.
The ELITE SHARK WR200 wrist rest has a seamless surface made of PU leather. This can be easily cleaned and offers palms and wrists stability and a pleasant hold. To especially ensure that the ball of the thumb remains free of strain, the inside of the wrist rest consists of supple memory foam. This quickly adapts to the requirements of the user, providing more comfort while gaming or typing.
Always There When Needed.
Measuring 478 x 100 x 24 mm, the ELITE SHARK WR200 wrist rest is suitable for common keyboards with three-block layouts. In addition, the nonslip underside makes sure that the wrist rest always stays exactly where it is needed.
• Product Code: 4044951028306
• Sharkoon ELITE SHARK Wrist Rest Black
• Surface: PU
• Nonslip Base: ✓
• Height: 24 mm
• Weight: 550g
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 478 x 100 x 240 mm